Buy Rebuilt Mining Equipment

Buy or Finance: Your Choice

With the backdrop of the South African economy and commodities market, the sentiment placed on sustainability versus the cost to production within the mining industry remains a challenge at the core of any operation. Fuelling the foregoing, investors are constantly seeking profits by driving down CAPEX and OPEX cost, resulting in lower spend and additional cost saving methods being implemented.  This said, the re-manufacturing of components, systems and/or complete equipment can be a viable alternative to buying new products, especially under the current economic and competitive conditions.

Our finance solutions offer clients the following benefits:

  1. You get flexible, fixed monthly or quarterly instalments
  2. Our asset finance options is on “rent to own”
  3. You have access to equipment when you need it, not just when budget allows
  4. You are able to keep cash within your business
  5. Finance charges on Vat is non-interest bearing